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A concept design for a 5 star spa resort amongst one of the most beautiful palm lined beaches in Southern India.
The resort is a destination retreat for relaxing and receiving treatments in harmony with the beautiful natural context. Subsequently the ethos of the resort of ‘stepping’ lightly on the environment and being ‘at one’ with nature is reflected in the choice of materials, massing and organisation of the individual buildings
Traditional materials, forms and construction techniques are proposed for the buildings helping retain the local identity. The resort itself would be managed and as such local habitats cared for in the best interests of visitors and the natural environment.
The organisation of buildings on the site are based on a radial site plan with the pool, restaurant and bar forming the heart of the resort. This radial design is efficient in terms of circulation and provides views out from the site towards the sea and sunset. Project now completed and open to visitors. www.carnoustieresorts.com/


Design for a corporate headquarters in Film City, Noida, India.
The site is a restrictive triangular shape in a key location along the Greater Noida Highway. Foundation has designed a building that makes best use of the site and at the same time presents a distinctive and unique facade. The elevation has been carefully planned to differentiate the double height entrance foyer from the office space above, and at the same present a unified and coherent building design. The elegant curves attempt to create visual tension and excitement within the facade and respond to the adjacent green belt.
The client wanted the concept design to consider speed of construction. Therefore a natural stone wall panel, consisting of thin authentic stone veneer bonded and reinforced with an aluminium honeycomb substrate, was proposed to clad the building. This technology gave the client an option of a durable and lightweight product possibly saving cost and time on site.


A concept to provide a new micro-brewery for the riverside development of Finzels Reach Building on the Bristol Harbourside. This development is to be split into 3 key areas to provide a cafe / Deli bar / brewery tap, restaurant level and music venue / VIP bar.

It’s a grade II listed fermentation building which is in a poor state at present and is constructed of old steelwork, concrete and pennant stonework. A place to be seen, a place to be entertained and a place to create quality ales following a 300 year old tradition.


A concept marina design which would be at the Baltic gateway to Saint Petersburg. The marina concept designs have been inspired by the unique qualities and sense of place inherent to marinas and the sea. The designs are all individual, iconic in appearance and functional in layout and spatial organisation.
It is intended that all the designs will be worked up into full concept designs which will better explain the bespoke characteristics and ideas described in the following document.
The Yacht Club is striking and iconic signalling the importance of the site as the gateway to St Petersburg. Inspired by the form and qualities of a droplet of water the building floats above the sea reflecting the seascape and adjacent boats.
The hotel provides the visual backdrop to the Yacht Club and resembles an outrushing wave about to break. This results in a very dynamic and energetic form which complements the unique architectural qualities of the Yacht Club.
The Sailing Academy is a place to inspire and teach the sailors of tomorrow. As such, the form of the building reflects two juxtaposed sails.


This concept project put together in a few weeks will be in an existing industrial unit owned by Bath Ales brewery. They required a space to sell their beer and merchandise but also needed this area to double up as a reception / welcome point for visitors to Bath Ales and to the different companies that occupy the first floor level of the unit. Part of this space would also be utilised as a starting / end point for the brewery tours.
This is a very low budget fit-out and recycled materials will be used where possible for shelving, partitions, tables and flooring. All ceilings and exisiting lighting had to be retained which was a problem but one of the fun things about this project was using the Bath Ales re-cycled mini-kegs as partitions and as bases to the bar & reception desk. Crushed Bath Ales beer bottles will also be used where possible including old oak barrels for extra storage withn this exisiting small space. Recycled timber free standing units are used in different positions for sales and merchandising displays.
The other thing I enjoyed about this project was modelling the merchandise and the packaging all of which I helped design many moons ago when Bath Ales first started as a business. Oh and before you ask who the guy in the flying outfit is he's actually one of the bath ales directors who is currently a P.O.S cardboard cut out! You may well see him in one of their many fine pubs. www.bathales.com :)


Latest concept scheme for a community centre here in the UK. All designed from scratch, modelled and rendered in a couple of weeks as a low budget. The featured living wall or green was difficult to achieve and I'm still scratching my head about it a little. I'm always looking out for those better techniques.


Presented with a beautiful hillside this project brief was for a concept for the first five star destination hotel in the region of Sikkim, near Darjeeling, India.

The Buddhist kingdom of Sikkim is a remote mountainous region bordering Tibet to the north and wedged between the Himalayan kingdoms of Nepal and Bhutan. Lush and mountainous it contains the fascinating capital city, Gangtok, and the world’s third highest mountain, Kangchenjunga.
The proposal is for ‘The Sikkim Butterfly’ - a building that floats above the sensitive context with wings that fan out over the site. The form of the wings is a response to the steep topography and presents each room with a vista of Kangchenjunga. Natural materials have been incorporated into the fabric of the building with traditional thatch forming contours to the stepping form.

A timber gridshell encloses the central body and runs between the wings providing a clear circulation route within the hotel.The concept is for the entire site and includes terraced orchid gardens and a butterfly farm. The butterfly farm would operate as a visitor attraction and at the same time conserve, protect and educate on issues relating to biological diversity.


Concept design recently completed for an Olympic Standard Skeet Training Lodge. The building designs are functional in terms of spatial arrangement and embrace the client's desire for a traditional style of architecture. The proposal is composed of two key buildings, one timber clad and one stone clad, both sitting on a rustic stone plinth and linked by an orangery type atrium space. The impressive atrium houses the trophy cabinets and cafe bar which overlooks the ranges and site.
The atrium structure extends from the building to form a grand porte-cochere to welcome guests. The forms of the buildings have been carefully scaled to give a sense of presence on the site and so that the traditional architectural elements are in proportion.

The larger timber clad building accommodates 10 en-suite bedrooms on the upper floor and office/business facilities below. The stone clad building houses the double height restaurant and VIP
bar which are served by the adjacent kitchen. The restaurant and VIP bar have been located to have optimum views of the ranges, site and enjoy covered external terraces. The VIP bar houses an open fireplace to provide guests with a warm and comfortable ambience.

The lower level houses changing rooms, plant space and weapon facilities as well as the small calibre firing range. Also on the lower level is the Billiard Room with private external access. The Billiard Room has been designed as a multifunction space divisible by a folding/sliding wall and entered via a secure lobby.

All levels are linked by the orangery style atrium space which provides an excellent means of
circulating through the building in a very efficient manner for those who want to bypass the many
services offered and access the ranges as quickly as possible.


A concept to create an iconic design for The Jimmy Connors World of Tennis Stadium & Tennis Centre. The proposed designs for the tennis centre and adjacent stadium have been inspired by the deconstruction of a tennis ball. Once dissected, the ball’s envelope is broken down into two very recognisable forms or shells.

These shells have been conceptually rearranged to form an enclosure for the tennis centre and the bowl for the stadium. We believe this concept creates iconic and instantly recognisable architectural forms that echo the sport the buildings relate to.

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